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About Singapore Humanitarian Innovation Challenge

Welcome to the Singapore Humanitarian Innovation Challenge (SHIC) – a platform that invites young minds to collaborate and unleash their creativity by brainstorming innovative solutions for current humanitarian trends, issues, and crises.


Participants are encouraged to tap into their creative and collaborative efforts to devise practical and strategies that effectively address societal concerns. Organised by the Singapore Red Cross, this challenge is created to empower young individuals to channel their energy towards creating meaningful change for a better humanity.

Singapore Humanitarian Innovation Challenge 2023

Challenge period: 1 September - 25 November 2023

In 2021, our virtual event showcased the resilience and innovative spirit of our participants as they addressed pressing humanitarian challenges. This year, we're excited to take the next step forward to introducing a live presentation pitch event, providing youths with the opportunity to network with like-minded humanitarians, gain valuable experience, and witness the transformation of  their ideas into impactful realities.

This year, the Singapore Humanitarian Innovation Challenge presents two compelling challenge statements that reflect the pressing issues we continue to face.


The first challenge, 'Engaging Foreign Workers in Our Community,' aims to go beyond cultural and language barriers, fostering an inclusive society where every individual thrives. Our second challenge, 'Strengthening Connections with Elderly Individuals Living Alone,' addresses the essential task of ensuring the well-being and companionship of our elderly population.


Your participation can make a lasting impact on building a more compassionate and connected community. Join now!

SHIC 2023 Challenge Statements

Challenge Statement 1:

Fostering Meaningful Community Engagement for Foreign Workers

In today's interconnected world, Singapore is home to people from varied backgrounds and cultures, including foreign workers who play a vital role in our nation's progress. However, connecting these workers with the broader community can be complex.

This challenge calls for inventive solutions to bridge this gap, creating a more inclusive society where foreign workers and locals interact seamlessly. Our goal is to foster a cohesive society that values and connects every individual.

Challenge Statement 2:

Strengthening Connections with Elderly Individuals Living Alone

While our society's aging population reflects advancements in healthcare and quality of life, the challenges faced by elders living alone remain distinct. Many seniors experience isolation and detachment from their communities, impacting their mental and emotional health.

This challenge seeks inventive solutions to engage and support solitary elders, aiming to enhance their well-being through meaningful connections. Our objective is to establish a society where seniors are valued, actively engaged, and provided with care and companionship.

How to Join

Phase 1: Open Proposal Submission
1 September 2023 - 27 October 2023

1. Join as an individual or form a team of 2-5 people.

2. This is a youth orientated challenge, but we welcome anyone to join too!

3. Develop and submit your proposal in PDF deck or PowerPoint slides covering most, if not all of the following in less than 15 slides:

Cover Slide

Title of the Proposal

Team Name


Explanation of the challenge statement chosen

Problem Statement

Clear description of the issue being addressed

Highlight the significance of the problem

Solution Overview

Concise summary of the proposed solution

Explanation of how the solution addresses the problem

Innovation and Technology

Details about any innovative aspects or technology used

How the proposed solution stands out from existing approaches

Methodology and Approach

How the team plans to implement the solution

Steps, processes, or methodologies involved

Tangible Outcomes

List of measurable outcomes and deliverables

How the proposed solution will bring positive change

Intangible Outcomes

Mention any positive impacts that might not be measurable

How the solution contributes to the challenge's objectives

Execution Plan

Timeline of the project's execution

Milestones, deadlines, and major steps


Estimated costs for implementing the solution

Breakdown of how the budget will be allocated


Recap of the proposal's main points


Submit your completed proposals here by 27 October 2023, 2359hrs:

Phase 2: Finalists Shortlisting
27 October 2023 - 03 November 2023

1. Once the open submission window has closed, a period will be given to select the top 10 proposals for advancement to the second and final round of the challenge.


2. The top 10 finalists will be announced via the email they have registered with.

3. Additionally, feedback will be given to the finalists should they wish to improve on their proposals before the live evaluation.

Phase 3: Live Pitching
Saturday, 25 November 2023

1. The live pitching and final evaluation will take place on:


25 November 2023



at, The Atrium@Orchard

International Involvement Hub Level 4M

(Beside Plaza Singapura Shopping Mall)


2. Each team will be given up to 7 minutes to pitch their proposals to our panel of judges.

3. The top three winning proposals will be announced shortly after.

Judging Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Practicality & Creativity of the Idea

Solution's Effectiveness

Potential Outcomes

Ease of Execution


Pitch Presentation


2nd Place

SGD $700 Cash

1st Place

SGD $1000 Cash

3nd Place

SGD $500 Cash

The Singapore Red Cross may invite winning projects to initiate their community proposals.

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